Identify Disconnected Phone Numbers

Phone calls are still the most efficient way to get an immediate response from your contacts so don’t waste time and resources chasing a data mess. I’verify’s real validation service allows you to clean up your phone data – it’s as easy as working/non-working,fax or even phones that ring but never answer. Our technology allows us to provide indications for IP Phones, Marketing re-direct calls (“at no additional charge we can connect you to a similar business”) and fax numbers.



iVerifyData provides your business with a cost-effective data hygiene service that improves the accuracy and quality of your data by eliminating inaccurate telephone numbers and contact information. Our service segregates inaccurate records for repair and organizes your data into actionable categories. Additionally, our service can also be used to build SLA’s with your data providers. All of this enables you to receive better data faster in a way that’s profitable for your business.


Express Ping is our cost-effective phone number validation service that confirms telephone numbers quickly and accurately.

Advanced Ping is our solution for both contact and company name validation, ensuring business telephone and contacts are confirmed to be accurate.

Try Before You Buy

We stand by our service and are happy to provide prospective clients with the opportunity to set up a custom trial with their data set. This can provide you with a peek into our service and the way we organize data.

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